Retreat is not an event-filled vacation or simply resting, but a space created to allow bodymind healing, spiritual deepening, and fermentation of the psyche.  For millennia, seekers have fasted and done practices to strip away habitual states of mind and allow new possibilities of self-discovery. In today’s world, we have the same need to return to the source of our being, though we have many new retreat technologies as well.

At Toward the One, we assist you in designing a retreat tailored to your life.  Tsukina and Tzaddi draw from an extensive catalog of exercises in many religious, spiritual, psychological, and artistic traditions. Staff at Inari’s Cafe have been instructed in aspects of spiritual cookery.

In an initial meeting, your spiritual companion will interview you about your goals, background, temperament, concerns, and needs. Based on this conversation, the two of you will craft a program of spiritual practice, self-exploration exercises, nature walks, class attendance, healings sessions, and simple meals to support you in your journey. Your companion will check in with you daily, and will be available for urgent arising as needed.  At the end of your stay, a final meeting is held to explore your discoveries and strategize on retaining your wisdom as you return to your daily life.

Retreat cost includes meals and spiritual companionship. Accommodation, class attendance and healing sessions priced separately. Please contact us at to schedule your retreat today.

Now is not the time for playing games that cannot be won
Or for setting sail for destinations that cannot be reached.
Nor is it the time for recriminations for puzzles unsolved, needs unmet, mountains unscaled.

It is a time to be still and to let the delicate tendrils of your heart unravel.
It is a time to listen to the sweet sounds of your soul,
To let the soft rain fall on those tired eyes
And the morning sun cast its rays on that long-frozen spirit.

-from the poem Be Kind to Yourself, She Said by Anita Houghton